Aydin Deger

I am a Research Fellow in Quantum Computing Theory at University College London. My research interest are

  • Quantum computing theory and quantum simulations
  • Constrained dynamics and ergodicity breaking in classical and quantum systems
  • Gaussification and thermalisation in quantum systems
  • Entanglement entropy, area-law and black holes
  • Rare fluctuations and large deviation statistics
  • Lee-Yang theory (non-)equilibrium phase transitions

selected publications

  1. Persistent Non-Gaussian Correlations in Out-of-Equilibrium Rydberg Atom Arrays
    Aydin Deger, Aiden Daniel, Zlatko Papić, and 1 more author
    PRX Quantum Dec 2023
  2. AdS/CFT correspondence with a three-dimensional black hole simulator
    Aydin Deger, Matthew D. Horner, and Jiannis K. Pachos
    Phys. Rev. B Oct 2023
  3. Constrained Dynamics and Directed Percolation
    Aydin Deger, Achilleas Lazarides, and Sthitadhi Roy
    Phys. Rev. Lett. Oct 2022
  4. Arresting Classical Many-Body Chaos by Kinetic Constraints
    Aydin Deger, Sthitadhi Roy, and Achilleas Lazarides
    Phys. Rev. Lett. Oct 2022